The Lean and Green Challenge is presented to you by Lori Zito, certified holistic health and nutrition coach. Learn more about Lori here.

7 Days to Better Health

What is The Lean and Green Challenge?
The Lean and Green Challenge is 7 day detox program that is designed so you can't fail. You choose your level of commitment. Once you join you will be emailed specific start up instructions. All you will need is a blender, some fruits and veggies, and a little motivation!

What does the program include?
  • The Lean and Green Implementation Guide
  • Daily instructional and inspirational emails
  • Lean and Green Recipes 
  • Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Pre and post cleanse self assessment
  • Q and A email support from Lori throughout the challenge
  • Access to the Lean and Green blog site where you can see questions and answers posted from other participants
  • The ability to repeat the program on your own whenever you want!!!

Why should I do it?
A detoxification is a mechanism for clearing accumulated wastes from the body. In a perfect world our body would perform this process completely on its own. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. We are constantly exposed to environmental toxins, stress, we eat on the run, and we often make less than ideal food choices. These are just some of the ways that we accumulate stored toxins. And stored toxins equal stored fat. When we overload our bodies with toxins, our liver can't handle it all, and so the toxins are 'wrapped in fat' and stored as fat! Our liver, colon and intestines have to work overtime to process all this junk, and we are left feeling tired and sluggish as a result.

Some signs that your body is due for a good 'cleaning' are:
  • sluggish, lack of energy
  • digestive problems
  • headaches
  • food cravings
  • allergies
  • inability to lose weight
Benefits of a detox, when properly implemented, include increased energy, reduced food cravings, weight loss, and a sense of well being. For most people, I recommend a week long detox at least twice a year to ensure that you are functioning at your best level of health.

When can I get started?
The next challenge is scheduled to begin at 6pm Nov. 13th, and end at 6pm Nov. 20th. The challenge will run for 7 days. However, if you are unable to participate on these days you can refer back to the daily emails when it is convenient for you. You will also still have access to the blog site after the live program is complete.

How do I sign up?
Join the challenge by clicking the button below. Scroll down menu bar to choose your package. Once you join, you will receive your confirmation, and some start up information, within 24 hours.
If you choose the $5 upgrade, you will have the opportunity to set up a phone appointment with Lori after you receive your confirmation email.
Are you up for the Challenge?
After you make your payment, please fill out and submit the form below, to provide Lori with the email address that you would like your program contents sent to. Also, please state one goal that you intend achieve as a result of the program!

    Program Request Form